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Do you want to boost visibility for your business and create an inclusive space for the LGBTQIA+ community?

Have you been looking for quick wins for active LGBTQIA+ inclusion in your business?

I know that leaning into something that is new and scary can be tricky, especially when you don’t know where to start or may fear getting it wrong. 

Trying to find quick ways to do this without getting overwhelmed or stressed can all feel a bit too much because it’s tough without the right support and knowledge to help you.

Alex Lynham Beyond the Binary

Join the Rainbow Rally Challenge

Rainbow Rally Challenge will be streamed live in our very own Facebook group from the 13th May – 15th May at 10:00am GMT finishing the week with a 30 minute Diversity Drive masterclass with Alex, run LIVE via zoom on the 16th May 13:00pm GMT. 

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If You Have Ever Felt Like.

  • Inclusion is a mountain of overwhelm because there is so much to think about. 
  • You’re fearful of getting it wrong or causing offence by using the wrong language. 
  • You don’t have the confidence to speak openly to your community about LGBTQIA+ inclusion because you just don’t know where to find the information. 
  • Worried about not having the right documentation and policies in place to safeguard your business or clients.
  • You may be losing out on income because your business isn’t visibly and actively inclusive.

Then the Rainbow Rally Challenge with Alex Lyn am will help you overcome all this!

Non Binary Person speaking on stage - Beyond the Binary

Meet Alex!

An LGBTQIA+ inclusion consultant, international public speaker and trainer for business owners and community who look to elevate and expand their message to have authenticity and inclusivity at the heart of their culture by giving them full permission to get things wrong, so that they can get things right. 

Alex has worked with start-up businesses to corporate spaces giving them high quality knowledge, awareness, and skills to help grow their profitability and reinvestment. 

Alex’s expertise has developed from over 10 years working in the education sector and residential services as a designated safeguarding officer and leadership member of corporate teams, to sharing their own personal journey of declining mental health, substance misuse and self-discovery of their gender identity so that they can open up the conversation with an approachable, nurturing and safe space for their clients.

Inclusion doesn’t have to be a bag of stress and worry; it is all about leaning into the conversation and making our next logical steps, that serve us and are set with the right intentions and values behind them. 

Some of the next logical steps we can take as business owners and community leaders can take under just 10 seconds to do.  By gaining awareness and knowledge surrounding LGBTQIA+ inclusion you start to boost your visibility of being an inclusive business and reaching more people with your services and products.

two beautiful drag queens

Working with alex!

We have been working with Alex for a few projects now and I can’t recommend them enough. When I first met Alex, I must admit I wasn’t very clued up on LGBTQIA+ and inclusion but after taking part in their online rainbow roots training, I feel confident enough to share this knowledge with my clients without fear of doing the wrong thing. Not only this, Alex oozes confidence and is extremely approachable and easy to talk to. Thank you, Alex, for your help so far, I can’t wait to work with you further.
Jess (she/her)
Limelight HR

This challenge will bring you quick wins and quick change for an LGBTQIA+ inclusive culture!

How it will help

  • Remove stress or overwhelm of where to start in your inclusion journey. 
  • Giving you quick inclusive practices to action straight away 
  • Building your knowledge and awareness of LGBTQIA+ inclusive culture and ways to grow profitability and reinvestment. 
  • Scaling your audience reach and engagement by gaining confidence to shout about being an inclusive business and community.
two women hugging

Whats included?

You will be invited into a dedicated Facebook group as soon as you sign up to the challenge. We will open the doors to the group on 12th May so you can get to know everyone and get settled into the community to champion and love on you throughout the challenge. 

During the 3 days, you will be given a daily, quick win challenge to complete.  These challenges will help you to take action within your business to start or elevate your message around active inclusion for the LGBTQIA+ community through taking accountability, setting intentions, and gaining visibility. 

Bonus feature – Day 4 Alex will be running their Diversity Drive Masterclass where you can further expand your knowledge and awareness to get 5 quick steps for LGBTQIA+ active inclusion LIVE on zoom. 

All quick win LGBTQIA+ challenges will be streamed LIVE into Facebook group at 10am GMT over the 3 days. Alex and their team will be on hand to support with accountability, questions and to celebrate your wins afterwards. 

  • Challenge day 1 – 13th May
  • Challenge day 2 – 14th May
  • Challenge day 3 – 15th May
  • Diversity Drive Masterclass – 16th May 13:00pm GMT via zoom, recording will be shared into the Facebook group.

Alex will guide you through the challenges with hands at your back to empower you to become a game changer in your industry! 

Working with alex!

I have really enjoyed working with Alex. Alex is knowledgeable, energetic, and friendly. I was able to understand what is required of us as a business to best protect ourselves and our employees. I am confident that our policies and company documents are inclusive and supportive. I feel confident in my voice and my understanding, and I am no longer afraid to champion around inclusivity on a personal and business level.
Laura Coote (she/her)

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you! – If you do get things wrong, Alex will nurture and support you to get things right with a gentle approach and advice on what you can do differently to help grow your knowledge and awareness. 

Will I have to post videos? – Nope, you don’t have to.  The challenges may include posting or sharing your inclusive language/message this can be done in a way that is comfortable and suit you, don’t stress. 

 Yes! The recording will be shared in the facebook group for you to replay in your own time up until 23rd May at 19:00pm GMT

You will have 24 hours before the next challenge will be shared in the facebook group, if you don’t get it done – no stress there is plenty of time for you to take action. 

ABS-BLOODY-LUTELY! That is what the group is for – so everyone can be championed and supported through this process of starting and evaluating their LGBTQIA+ inclusion messaging.

The rainbow Rally Facebook group will close on 23rd May at 19:00pm GMT so you will have a week after the challenge to catch up on the challenges set and the Diversity Drive masterclass.

Two women at a training course looking to the left - Beyond te binary

The Rainbow Rally will leave you with…

  • Confidence to shout about your inclusive message as a business owner. 

    More visibility with having an authentic and inclusive culture to increase profitability. 

    Widening your audience so that more people can reach your services and products. 

    Gaining a community of people that are on the same journey to have inclusivity at the heart of their culture for accountability, support, and championing. 

    Information, fun, and easily accessible content with an approachable, nurturing, and gentle approach.  

    Building visibly and actively inclusive business, which is 35% more likely to be profitable in our business with 71% of reinvestment coming from LGBTQIA+ customers.  

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