School inclusivity

Our young people deserve to have a positive self discovery journey, so that they can find who they are authentically.

Our young people need to have a voice.

Young people spend 80% of their time in education.  Their needs and rights to learn about who they are authentically is crucial in craving a positive and fulfilling personal journey.


To be seen and heard for exactly who they are without fear of discrimination or abuse.


For their journey, their strength and identity.

self love

Accepting themselves and not feeling shame or guilt for being them.


Going out into the world not having to hide who they are and showing up with positive assets.

What we can do

To help our young people navigate a positive self discovery journey

Staff training

Alex working with your educators to provide training modules around LGBTQIA+ awareness, terminology, inclusive practices and mental health impact for better knowledge and to support your LGBTQIA+ young people positively.


Providing drop in sessions for your young people who are exploring or struggling to navigate their self discovery journey or educator drop in sessions to discuss specific barriers or concerns around LGBTQIA+ inclusivity.

Assembly Sessions

Speaking to your students about the LGBTQIA+ community and my own navigation of my self discovery journey to show the young people they are not alone and for learning to be made through lived experiences.

What's happening now


LGBTQIA+ young people are being bullied in school


LGBTQIA+ young people are
having suicidal ideation


of LGBTQIA+ people struggle and have experienced depression and anxiety.

We can make a difference

Young people deserve to have their voices heard and to be able to have full understanding of their self discovery journey so that their mental health does not become subject. Make a difference, make a change for the better and future of our young people. 

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