Business Inclusivity

When our employees don't have to hide who they are, productivity goes up.

benefits being visibly and actively inclusive

Being inclusive isn’t about ticking a box, it is about making authenticity and inclusivity become the centre of our culture and value. 

Positive reputation

Looking at your customers and clients with validation and respect of who they are as human beings. Sharing their experiences with other people and encouraging and welcoming them to the family.

staff retainment

When staff feel valued, validation and know they belong they will commit, invest and be motivated to working for the company and are less likely to seek other employment.


Creating an affirming and safer environment with strong core values and culture, customers and clients will come and use your services over and over again.


As a company when you look after your staff and clients they will return to what they love and stay for the long term. Therefore, less investment in training new staff, seeing familiar faces using your products and services along with sharing their experiences with others!

What can we do

To have authenticity and inclusivity at the centre of our culture

Staff training

Work with Alex and your team to develop knowledge, understanding and awareness for inclusive practices and how we can implement strategy to create ripple effects for positive work culture and affirming environments for all genders.

Business Consultancy

1:1 sessions with Alex to go into your business to look specifically at areas to raise the vibration for active inclusion in policy review, adaption, language, social content, documentation and company culture and values.

Business Packages

Programmes for up to 7 weeks where Alex will work intensively with your team and company with module learning, staff training, policy review, adaption, documentation updates with language knowledge, social media development and much more to create an actively inclusive environment and to have authenticity and inclusivity as the centre of your company's culture.

You are 35% more likely to be profitable when you are visibly and actively inclusive, with 71% of reinvestment coming from LGBTQIA+ customers.

Our Happy Clients!

I have really enjoyed working with Alex on the Business Accelerator Programme, Alex is knowledgeable, energetic, and friendly.   I was able to understand what is required of us as a business to best protect ourselves and our employees.  I am confident that our policies and company documents are inclusive and supportive.   I feel confident in my voice and my understanding, and I am no longer afraid to champion around inclusivity on a personal and business level.

Laura Coote

Director, Tube UK Limited

We have been working with Alex for a few projects now and I can’t recommend them enough. When I first met Alex, I must admit I wasn’t very clued up on LGBTQIA+ and inclusion but after taking part in their online rainbow roots training, I feel confident enough to share this knowledge with my clients without fear of doing the wrong thing. Not only this, Alex oozes confidence and is extremely approachable and easy to talk to. Thank you Alex for your help so far, I can’t wait to work with you further.

Jess Barnard

HR and wellbeing consultant, Limelight HR

NW Counselling Hub CIC asked Alex from Beyond the Binary to deliver an online one-stop-shop awareness session on LGBTQIA+ to our team of therapists. Alex delivered a fantastic, informative, engaging and moving session, where they were open and honest with us and created a safe space for questions. We all learned something and took something away from this vitally important session. We have no hesitation in recommending Alex to your team, to help break the stigma, keep the conversation going and look at your own company’s policies around inclusivity.

Naomi Watkins-Ligudzinska

CEO, NW counselling Hub CIC

Let's create a ripple effect

The conversation of inclusion is getting louder.  it is becoming a hot topic in all areas of society and we don’t want to get left behind in the conversation. Making a positive change and setting a standard is something we can do in our businesses to bring more people together and create a ripple effect so that all people can show up as their authentic selves bringing creativity, productivity and enjoyment into their work space. 


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