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There is no greater power than the one we hold when we are united.

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Alex has been featured on Spotify, apple podcast, live radio and channel 4 social media series discussing their journey of self discovery to raise awareness for trans visibility and to allow people to learn with an approachable and nurturing space to get things wrong, so that they can get things right.

Membership AREA

Alex appears in membership areas online and face to face to speak about specific quick wins for inclusive practices and provides business owners with tools of awareness and knowledge for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and how this can benefit their clients, employees and bridge the gap for declining mental health.

Keynote speaker

Alex has been a keynote speaker at global audience attracting events such as BeeInspired Live and corporate conferences for Hilton Hotel, MOXXY, We love good times and many more blue chip companies to talk about the benefits of inclusivity and how by being actively inclusive this can bring profitability, high representation and reinvestment. Alex dicusses they own journey openly from the scar and not the wound to help navigate the fear of getting things wrong.


Alex creates collaboration with known business owners from a range of industries to help create ripple effects for positive change for inclusion. Alex provides quarterly training for Dani Wallace's event Bee Inspired for her cohort speakers and team of up to 30 to discuss why being an inclusive speaker is important when taking up space on a stage. Working with agencies such as the Burnt Chef Project to provide training to corporate hospitality companies for inclusion practices and LGBTQIA+ awareness.

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