Don't Fear Queer Programme

Are you ready to become a game changer as a business owner?

With authenticity and LGBTQIA+ inclusivity at the heart of your culture to expand, grow and elevate your business.

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Do you feel that inclusion is just a lot to manage?

  • Struggle to know where to start?  
  • Not have the right resources and structure to know how to become a visibly inclusive business that is authentic and aligned with your values and community? 
  • See ALL THE THINGS you need to do for inclusion and feel completely overwhelmed with the thought of getting it wrong?
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Welcome to Don't fear Queer!

Don’t Fear Queer Programme is an impactful online course for LGBTQIA+ inclusion. Learning is delivered over 7 weekly modules streamed into our very own Facebook Group, plus bonus Q&A and reflection sessions held on zoom.  All information will be shared via email and through the Facebook group to give you accessibility to all the learnings, accountability threads and zoom group sessions. 

Working with alex!

Alex is charming, articulate, engaging and passionate about informing and educating everyone about how we make connections and being more inclusive as humans. Authentic, relatable, fierce and sharing vulnerably.
Louise Jackson
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Did You Know?

Not having supportive policies, procedures and documentation stops people from engaging in our services and products even when they know they need the thing you have.  

When our inclusion message isn’t visible our profitability drops and stops people from engaging further in our business. 

Staff retainment decreases when they don’t feel safe or seen to be their full authentic selves. 

We lose people in the room when using gendered language, decreasing our audience reach and engagement. 

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Meet Alex

An LGBTQIA+ inclusion consultant, international public speaker and trainer for business owners and community who look to elevate and expand their message to have authenticity and inclusivity at the heart of their culture by giving them full permission to get things wrong, so that they can get things right. 

Alex has worked with start-up businesses to corporate spaces giving them high quality knowledge, awareness, and skills to help grow their profitability and reinvestment. 

Alex’s expertise has developed from over 10 years working in the education sector and residential services as a designated safeguarding officer and leadership member of corporate teams, to sharing their own personal journey of declining mental health, substance misuse and self-discovery of their gender identity so that they can open up the conversation with an approachable, nurturing and safe space for their clients.

“As a speaker coach, it is really important that I help my speakers become more aware of the importance of inclusion.

Alex runs workshops centring on inclusive language for all of my cohorts and has completely changed the game, not just for my speakers but their audiences.

Their workshops are dynamic, safe and delivered in a way that makes adopting more inclusive language easy to do for each individual I cannot recommend highly enough.”

– Dani Wallace, The Queen Bee. 

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When we don’t take time to work on our business culture for inclusivity and authenticity, we are missing out on reaching more people in the LGBTQIA+ community and becoming game changers in our industry!

What's Included?

7 weeks filled with developing your knowledge, awareness, and skills to expand your mission to becoming an inclusive business for the LGBTQIA+ community.  Throughout this programme you will be accessing module learning, accountability check ins, Live Q&A sessions, and a final reflection session to come together and celebrate your achievements and to have your next logical steps mapped out. 

Six modules shared every Monday morning at 10:00am BST, in our private Facebook group. Our first call will be held on on Saturday night at 19:00pm BST. They will be streamed into the Facebook group as pre-recorded sessions for easier accessibility for you to stop, pause, reflect, and process in your own time.
Two Q&A sessions will be run LIVE by Alex throughout the programme, to discuss your learnings, have group discussions and for any questions or queries that may have come up. This space will be for you to share your achievements, plans and to have accountability.
Accountability threads will be added to each module for you to share your learnings, open up conversations with the cohort and to bounce around ideas of how you can implement inclusive practices into your business and community. Alex will be the hands at your back creating an affirming environment to ask questions without fear.
The final week will be a LIVE reflection session with Alex to celebrate, champion and map out your next logical steps so you can leave with a plan of action and not feeling the doom of ‘what’s next.’ This will be a time for any questions, queries and to reflect on all our learnings from the programme.

By purchasing the Don’t Fear Queer Programme you are agreeing to my Terms of Purchase. 

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion creates powerful opportunities for you and your business

When we step into an event or networking space and we are fuelled with confidence of inclusive language and practices, our chance of creating warm leads increases. 

Being visibly and actively inclusive increases our profitability by 35% with 71% of reinvestment coming from LGBTQIA+ customers. 

Creating safer spaces and affirming environments allows people to be seen and heard unapologetically as they are meaning productivity and creativity go up. 

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Beyond the Binary LGBTQI+ consultancy

As business owners and community leaders it is our responsibility to make sure everyone that comes through our door is seen and heard unapologetically as they are.  Getting things wrong, to get things right is the perfect way we can start to take accountability for the things we might not be doing and get consistent with the things we know we need to do to create continuity for our authentic and inclusive culture for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Working with alex!

Thank you so much for putting this programme together! I have left with so many ideas and ways I can improve my inclusivity in my business and personal life to the LGBTQIA+ community.
Avevil Sweeny

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got you!  This is the perfect place to start for you to build your inclusive culture from scratch.  You can lean into this conversation with a blank canvas and a safe space to learn and grow effectively. 

That’s okay!  This won’t affect your learning at all – All of the modules will be pre-recorded for you to work through at your own pace, and you can always catch up with the Q&As on the replay.  The accountability threads will be great for you to get some feedback if you are unable to jump into the group sessions. 

Getting it wrong is not a bad thing, I’ve got you!  This is a way of saying right I don’t know this, or I don’t know where to start, this is where the programme and Alex will guide you through to learn to get things right for you to elevate and grow your visibility as being an inclusive business for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Yes!  All the modules will be shared in the Facebook group and the LIVE Q&As recordings will be shared for you to catch up on or rewatch. 

 The Facebook group will remain open until 22nd August 00:00AM GMT so you can rewatch, catch up and lean into the group for additional accountability and check ins.  Although active weekly support from Alex and their team will reduce from the 17th July, there will still be opportunities to ask questions to the cohort.   Once the Facebook group closes the content will no longer be available for you to use or watch but we will always share reminders in the run up to the group closing to support you to have the opportunity to complete the programme in the timeframe. 

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Don’t fear Queer will help you with

  • Increasing profitability and reinvestment for your business by being visibly and actively inclusive for LGBTQIA+ community. 
  • Opening up raw connections with human beings that is value led. 
  • Confidence to speak out about being an LGBT+ inclusive business showing strong allyship and advocacy to your audience. 
  • Reaching more people with your services and products.
  • Creating change in under 10 seconds that is authentic and inclusive driven. 
  • Having a strategy and structure for your inclusion message 
  • High quality LGBTQIA+ representation in your policies, procedures and documentation to safeguard your customers, employees and business.
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