Don’t Fear Queer – terms of purchase

Hi, Alex here, I am so excited that you are planning to purchase my self pace and easily accessible programme, Don’t Fear Queer. Before you buy the programme, there a few things you need to know about what you are purchasing, what you can expect and the support you will get from me. Please read the terms below and if you have any questions once you’ve finished please do not hesitate to get in touch and I would be happy to chat further. 

I see you, I hear you and I am there for you,


The terms and conditions set out below apply to your purchase of the self-study programme, “Don’t Fear Queer” offered by Beyond the Binary LTD. Please read them carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under law and set out the terms under which Beyond the Binary LTD or business, provide services to you, as purchaser of the ‘Don’t Fear Queer Programme.’  These terms are subject to any rights you have under consumer law to which we are bound to and which cannot be waived.

Course Outline

Don’t Fear Queer is a self-pace and easily accessible programme which uses lived experience, knowledge and strategy to help elevate and grow your authentic and inclusive culture for the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Course Specifics

Following successful purchase of the programme you will receive access to 6 weeks of streamed module learning, our very own Facebook group, accountability check ins, LIVE Q&A sessions and celebration session on week 7. 

You will then have the opportunity to work through the programme material in your own pace. The programme provides you with the space, time and community to feel supported, championed and held throughout this process of learning and implementing strategy for LGBTQIA+ inclusivity growth.   

This programme has been created from other bundle learnings Beyond the Binary has tried and tested with individuals who are over the age of 18 and from various different backgrounds. In working through the material, they have been able to have greater understanding and enhance their confidence for awareness around the LGBTQIA+ community, have their next logical steps for implementing supportive and inclusive policies, procedures and documentation, creating visibility 

for LGBTQIA+ people expanding their audience reach and elevating their profitability for their services and products.  This is a personal programme for you to complete entirely at your own speed. For best results it is recommended that you under-take each module separately and allow for a short period of reflection in between each module using the community and accountability threads for support, reassurance and feedback. 

Whilst all those who have worked with Beyond the Binary LTD to date have achieved the desired results, it is not possible to provide any guarantees that you will experience any specific results. Failure to complete the self-pace work, will limit your ability to benefit from the information provided and will significantly limit any results. The programme is not bespoke and includes general advice should you feel that you need additional support, such as 1:1 business consultancy, bespoke training packages or 60 minute 1:1 Queer Query Hour support, that can be provided separately. 

During the programme there will be sensitive information and lived experiences shared by Alex to give you full resonates, knowledge and awareness of LGBTQIA+ inclusivity.  This information could be upsetting, stressful or emotional for the cohort.  We advocate that you keep yourselves safe and only use what you feel your limits are.  If at any point you feel you need additional support surrounding the sensitive topics, we advise you seek external support for mental wellbeing and intervention. 

It is not intended that you will finish the programme with a complete and detailed inclusivity plan. Don’t Fear Queer provides strategies and methods to help you enhance your awareness, develop your knowledge of supportive documentation and policies, along with giving you your next logical steps for future journey, because as we know inclusion isn’t a destination it is an adventure. It is your individual responsibility to apply what is shared and taught in the programme to your personal circumstances both during the programme and afterwards. Each individual is unique and their starting position and commitment to the programme is unique to them. The aim is that following completion of the programme you will have new information, strategies and awareness and have:

  • Confidence and empowerment to speak about being an inclusive business for the LGBT+ community. 
  • Having strong and affirming structures and processes in place that safeguard the business, customers, and employees. 
  • Creating profitability and reinvestment when being visibly and actively inclusive 
  • Strong allyship and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ people in the spaces you take up with high quality leadership for your community.
  • Having diverse services and products that can reach more people. 

Please be aware that the programme is delivered entirely in English and no translations are provided for videos or text.

Payment Terms

The cost of the programme is £299.00 or £100 pay in 3 for the Early Bird tickets that go on sale from 16th May 14:00pm BST until 18th May 21:00pm BST.  The price will then increase to £349.00 or £126.66 pay in 3 until 23rd May 00:00 BST. Payments will be taken via stripe.  Payments are final, details of refunds are below. 


The aim for this programme is that you should be able to access the programme material with ease. Should you require any technical support in respect of accessing the pre-recorded videos then we are happy to help you to get up and running. Please email and you will receive a reply between Monday – Wednesday from 9:00am until 17:00pm BST or Thursday 9:00am – 13:00pm BST we aim to respond to you within two hours if you email during those hours.  We will have our own tech guru working with Beyond the Binary LTD during the programme to give you the quickest and most efficient way. 

During the programme you will have access to a Facebook Group which is specifically for the Don’t Fear Queer cohort.  No one outside of the cohort and Beyond the Binary’s team will be invited into the group.  This group will be active and noisy, so if you need to mute or only have specific notifications, please feel free to do this. Everything will be shared, delivered and accessible in this group.  Module streaming, accountability threads, check ins and reminders will be shared throughout the programme and you will have a community of people that are on the same journey as you for support, reassurance and to champion you through this journey.  Alex will be active in this group for feedback through the accountability threads and check ins, for questions/queries but there also be a few more eyes to make sure everyone’s voices are being heard and responded to in up to 24 hours. 

we will be having 3 45 – 60-minute LIVE zoom calls which will be for Q&A sessions and reflection/celebration session at the end of the programme.  The Q&A sessions have been structured into the programme strategically for you to have the best access to Alex.  These sessions will be shared with you on email and via the Facebook group, there will be access to a recording if you cannot make the live.  

Beyond the Binary prides themselves on making sure this programme is the most accessible for everyone’s needs.  When signing up you will be asked about accessible requests, this is to make sure 

that if there is anything you need from us we can support you as best as possible, to relieve any worry or stress.  

Once you have finished going through the programme material you may wish to work with us further. I am an LGBTQIA+ inclusion consultant, trainer and public speaker that works with business owners and community leaders elevate, grow and expand so that they can have authenticity and inclusivity embedded into their culture. If you would be interested in hearing how we can work together further then get in touch email  Please be aware that additional charges will apply to any one to one coaching provided. 

If you’re not looking to work together just yet but you’d love to hear more then come and say hi on Instagram beyondthebinary4.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and protection of your personal data is important to us.  We will keep your personal data confidential and will never share it with unconnected third parties. Your payment information will be processed by a secure third-party processor. We will be provided with your email address, name, pronouns, and business name but never be provided with your financial information. 

Please be aware that some training sessions may be recorded, and your name and image/video may be captured. The recordings of the training will be kept and made available to others on the programme. If you provide or share any information within these sessions about yourself or your business that information will be shared within the group. Should you not wish to be recorded please ensure that if you attend any training your camera is switched off and your name field is changed to “Attendee” with your initial and pronouns, so that support can still be offered but no personal identifiable information will be captured. 

We want to make as much noise as we can during the programme for our strategy to do this our social media manager will be capturing your feedback, pictures and all the work you are doing to create your LGBTQIA+ inclusive culture. They will be screenshotting and sharing on Beyond the Binary’s social media channels. Our social media manager will be sharing tags of Beyond the Binary/Alex Jay Lynam across our platforms. If this is something you should not wish to take part in please share this directly with, so this can be accommodated for you.  When joining the Facebook group will be asked to provide your social media handles, if you do not wish to do this, please leave blank.  

For more detail on how we manage your data you can view my/our privacy policy. 

Refunds and Cancellation 

As you are purchasing digital content which includes data which is produced and supplied in digital form you are only entitled to a refund in limited circumstances.  In purchasing the programme you are waiving your rights to a refund unless the statutory circumstances for refunds are met. 

If your Behaviour is deemed to be discriminative, transphobia, harmful or hateful you will be removed from the programme with no refund given.  See behaviour clause. 

Should you consider that the digital download is faulty for any reason then please confirm so immediately and a further copy will be provided. Should you have any concerns or questions please contact me on for a response in 24 hours, we ask that you make your email a priority and subject ‘TEC SUPPORT FOR DON’T FEAR QUEER.’ 

Intellectual Property 

You will be provided with programme materials. At all times, even following purchase, the intellectual property rights and copyright connected with those materials remain us Beyond the Binary LTD.  You have the right to use the materials as learning tools but you are not permitted to duplicate, imitate or provide copies to third parties whether for free or as part of a sale.  There will no rights given for downloading or re sharing the content.  The programme, content will not be for life time access, the content will be removed from your use on a date that is shared by Beyond the Binary.  Once the content has been removed you will not be able to access unless purchasing again. 

Feedback and Complaints

If you have any feedback about the programme please do share it with us. It is always great to receive words of praise and also helpful to get constructive comments. We really hope that you love this programme as much as we do, but if you would like to make a complaint this should be made to made in writing to subject ‘programme complaint.’ 


Throughout the programme Don’t Fear Queer will be available by email Monday to Wednesday 8:00am – 18:00pm BST, Thursday 9:00am – 13:00pm BST and Friday 17:00pm – 18:00pm BST, Alex will respond as soon as possible and within 48 hours during the hours stated. 

We intend to rely on the written terms set out in these terms and conditions in respect of the programme delivered to you. These written terms shall constitute the entire agreement between us.

If any provision or part-provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be 

deemed deleted. Any such modification or deletion shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these terms and conditions.

These Terms are governed by the laws of England & Wales. The Courts of England & Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter and proceedings arising out of your purchase of the course.


Additional Programme Terms 

Don’t Fear Queer Programme Outline

The Don’t Fear Queer programme is a 7 week online community programme which provides support, training, strategy and skills to help you have an LGBTQIA+ authentic and inclusive culture for your customers, clients and employees. 

Programme Specifics

Throughout the 7-week programme you will learn how to:  

  • Increase profitability and reinvestment for your business by being visibly and actively inclusive for LGBTQIA+ community. 
  • Open up raw connections with human beings that is value led. 
  • Confidence to speak out about being an LGBTQIA+ inclusive business showing strong allyship and advocacy to your audience. 
  • Reaching more people with your services and products.
  • Creating change in under 10 seconds that is authentic and inclusive driven. 
  • Having a strategy and structure for your inclusion message 
  • High quality LGBTQIA+ representation in your policies, procedures and documentation to safeguard your customers, employees and business. 

Group sessions

The group sessions will be led exclusively by Alex. 

The group sessions will be specifically for the Don’t Fear Queer cohort.  Each person will have signed up individually to the programme for group session access. 

Group sessions will take place every 2 weeks and will be up to 60 minutes long. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, the group sessions will be rearranged with 24 hours notice given to the cohort. 

During each group session, you will be led through Q&A sessions, feedback and accountability check ins by Alex.  This will help and support the cohort clarify any concerns, barriers or ideas that they have surrounding the modules covered and to have any reassurance that they are on the right path.  This space is also to allow the cohort to meet one another, network and share their journey.  


In addition to the group sessions there were will be weekly course materials provided for self-pace. The materials will be provided to you via Streamyard, which will be  pre-recorded streamed directly 

into the Facebook group and an email reminder will be sent out of where to find this.  The module of the week will be featured and pinned to the top of the feed to make sure it is easily visible and accessible to everyone.  For best results it is important that you complete the self-pace materials as best as you can on a time frame that suits you.  Failure to complete the self-pace materials may limit your ability to appreciate and learn from the preceding or following week’s modules.  However, we understand that this can become over whelming and that is what we don’t want for the cohort.  The material will be accessible to the cohort for 1 month after the programme has completed to give everyone as much opportunity to work through the module at their own pace.  

Feedback and communication 

During the programme the team will be actively responding to any comments, accountability check ins and suggestions made to give you as much support and guidance as possible.  This will be communicated to you in up to 24 hours by one of the Beyond the Binary Facebook management team. 

In the event you are needing private communication in significant circumstances please use the email subject ‘Communication concern’ and this will be responded to in up to 48 hours.  If an email is sent with feedback, ideas or accountability this will not be responded too as this is what the Facebook group will be used for. 

Queer Query Hour

If during the programme you still feel you need 1-2-1 support from Alex directly.  We offer our Queer Query Hour which is an additional payment of £145.00.

This can be purchased through the Calendly link here:

Queer Query Hours are client based led, with your own agenda of questions, knowledge building and developing documentation that is specific to your business or community.  This 60-minute session is for you to get the thing you need doing done or to have your next logical steps mapped out with Alex. 

Private Facebook Group

You will have access to a private Facebook group to support you during the programme. The intention of the Facebook group is to provide a community support network and enhance the programme experience.  The programme is built around the Facebook group being the hub of 

activity for the cohort to have everything they need in one place without the overwhelm of needing multiply platforms. 

This space is for everyone to feel safe and heard around the work they are doing for growing their LGBTQIA+ inclusive messaging so respect, validation and compassion is compulsory.  If there is any discrimination, abuse or hate towards anyone or the team in the Facebook group they will be removed immediately and will not be invited back into the cohort. 

During the programme the group is intended to have a lot of activity for making sure is working their way through the modules at their own pace but with a supportive community behind them.  We will have our own Facebook group manager who will be the main eyes and ears in the group however, Alex will also be there to support and champion.   W.C 24.06.2024 Alex will be absent from the group due to having gender affirming care however, they have made sure that the cohort will still have the same support and love during this week of module learning. 


It is always requested that your behaviour towards others is polite, respectful, and compassionate, we will not be held responsible for the behaviour or actions of any other course participant. Should your behaviour be deemed offensive or inappropriate we reserve the right to remove you from the programme with immediate effect and no refund will be given. 

Beyond the Binary prides themselves on inclusion, diversity, and equality for everyone to be seen and heard unapologetically as they are.  We commit ourselves into making sure everyone has their voices heard and they are respected during this programme.  If any of the team see transphobia, discrimination, harmful or hateful behaviour towards any of the cohort or team they will be removed from the programme.   We believe that asking questions out of curiosity and to learn is a positive way to get things right for themselves, business, and community, we very much invite this throughout but if questions are offence, ignorance or are with the intentions to cause harm this will not be tolerant. 


It is the intention that the Don’t Fear Queer programme, will run for 7 weeks consecutively. Should an unforeseen reason arise which causes a module or live session to be postponed it will be scheduled at the earliest convivence and communicated as quickly as possible to the cohort.  All sessions will have taken place within a 7-week period from the start of the programme and the content will be available 1 month after the final session after the 1 month has cleared the content will be removed, the Facebook group will be closed, and the cohort will no longer have the access to the content. 

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