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We have to get things wrong, so that we can get things right.

Beyond the Binary works with companies, schools, families and individuals around LGBTQIA+ inclusion through training, consultancy and public speaking, so that everyone can be seen and heard unapologetically as they are.  Active inclusion is all about conversations that matter and making raw connections with other human beings.  Learning, growing and expanding together to make positive impact on the spaces we take up so that we can help bridge the gap for declining mental health.   Alex, uses they/them pronouns, trans non binary founder of Beyond the Binary has made significant waves, working with 1000s of people from many different industries to speak from the scar and not the wound so that people have the space to ask questions, get things wrong and to build a foundation of inclusive culture.   Alex has worked with corporate clients and multi figure business owners with bespoke business packages, policy adaption and staff training helping them to gain tools, skills and knowledge to  become game changers in their industry to have authenticity and inclusivity at the centre of their culture and mission. 

When we are not actively inclusive we are missing out on incredible assets that person can Bring!

Safer spaces

Having spaces where everyone is able to show up authentically as themselves without fear of discomfort.

positive impact

contributing to positive mental health and be able to use their energy on growth and commitment to the spaces they take up.

reaching more people

Taking your services and products to more people and being able to help or support the wider audiences.

uniting communities

Bring everyone together, so they can access environments and be treated equally with respect and validation.

I lived in fear and darkness until I opened my eyes to who I was and in that discovery I set myself free...

I was a super star in the making, I lived for musical theatre, being openly gay and expressing myself as I wanted to be seen however, my self expression was knocked to the ground, which had significant impact on my mental health. I lost my purpose, my love for the stage and dove deep into declining mental wellbeing,  substance misuse, unhealthy relationships and being arrested at the age of 22. 

Come and learn how I changed my narrative… 

If you put people in boxes,
their isn't enough room to dance!
Alex (they/them)


I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you also for the respect you showed to the students and for taking the time to talk to other staff members. You're a great advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion and I hope to become a fraction of how good you are at it.
Really enjoyed the workshop, very emotional. Information was spot on and Alex created a space where I felt comfortable to ask questions and learn.
They share wealth of information about gender identity from a place of lived experience. Awareness and acceptance is utterly essidental to making change to trans people and the LGBTQIA+ community. I've no doubt there is still learning and I will be committing myself and my team to becoming better allies and advocates now and for the future.
Brilliant! Loved it. safe inclusive, accessible environment and learnt lots; inspired me to make changes.
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